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DIY Riverside!

On Saturday, October 18, Saturation will also host a variety of hands-on workshops taught by artists, such as self-publishing zines, drawing, and publishing. We think this serves as a condensed model of the do-it-yourself ethos of most of the artists and organizers who create Saturation as a labor of love.

In a society that teaches its citizens to equate “culture” with “consumption,” these workshops promote culture as participation.  The purposes of Saturation’s DIY Workshops are  for its participants to share skills and knowledge, to encourage participation and action, and to highlight the ingenuity, creativity, and independent spirit of local artists and teachers.

In a recent interview with the IE Weekly about his band, Dogs of Ire, our friend Fritz Aragon put it perfectly: “In the grand scheme of things, what has evolved is the local community concept to a broader community—it just makes sense,” says Fritz. “We’ve [got] a do-it-together approach, rather than a do-it-yourself.”

Saturation is crazy fun, but if you’re in it just for the entertainment, you’re going to miss the thread that makes it really special… that YOUR PARTICIPATION is crucial. Jump in this week and get involved. Bring your own art, films, music. Spearhead a weird project and get everybody involved. Start a parade. Help out and look out for each other. Don’t wait for permission. Build the world you want, and start with your own hometown. We’re here to have a great time, and we’re working really hard to make it sustainable but we can’t do it alone.

The whole list of workshops is after the jump… see you there!!


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